Innocence Abroad


Innocence Abroad has been newly published through Xlibris [>].

It will remain on this site, for your browsing pleasure; and if your pleasure is to have a copy of your own, that also can be arranged now.

A few necessary observations, before you begin . . .

Innocence Abroad has been published only in a small author's edition which was quickly sold out. Since I have not the time for being a small publisher, nor the patience to pound on doors seeking a larger one, I offer it here to one and all. Be it merely remembered that the book is mine, and not for anyone else's profit. So stands my 'copyright' as of April 14, 1996, my three-score-and-nine birthday.

Except for the first chapter, which employs a flash-forward motif, the tale develops in chronological format, within four clearly defined stages:

  1. The preliminaries to going abroad (chapters 2-3)
  2. The winter in London (chapters 4-5)
  3. The early spring circuit of Britain (chapters 6-8)
  4. The mid-year journey through central and east Europe (chapters 9-23)

Several of those chapters (4, 6 and 7) seemed too long for an easy online read, so they've been split in two, accounting for the variance in their chapter numbering. Illustrations and maps were plentiful in the print version, and I will eventually get around to putting them up here, too. A preface in the original edition has been omitted from the online version, but may be added later. In its place, and immediately following these preliminary words, is an introduction especially designed for web readers not familiar with the trail that both led to this journey and enabled it.

While I recommend a sequential reading of the chapters, I shall facilitate a more random selection by providing the necessary chapter links, here, together with a brief summary of each. I think there are just three things you need to know, to make the tale understandable if you choose your own routing. 

You may proceed directly to the introduction and then follow the chapters in sequence, or . . .

Here are the chapters of Innocence Abroad for your selective choice:



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